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Jolie Richards 

Perfomance Coach & Fitness Instructor


Hey! My name is Jolie, I’m both a fitness instructor and online coach here at Npowerment. I have a BSc in Sport andExercise Science and am a Level 2 and 3 certified Personal Trainer. 


My own personal fitness journey is what has fuelled my passion for health and fitness. Seeing the mental and physical benefits whilst experiencing first-hand the challenges and setbacks, is exactly what has driven me to want to work with and guide females through their own health and fitness journeys. I do not do this through restriction, crazy fad diets or extreme exercise, but through education, sustainability, support and freedom.

My ambition is to help empower females to become strong and build their dream physiques, whilst also growing their confidence and achieving a healthy and happy mindset, which includes an improved relationship towards exercise and food, and falling in love with their bodies and who they are.

April Crawford 

Holistic Health Coach 

“Hey, I’m April Crawford. The Holistic Health Coach here at Npowerment.

I’m on a mission to recreate what healthy is! How am I doing this you may ask?

I’m will be focusing on the relationships we have in our lives. Success in life comes from relationships, and most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves.

I am going to be enabling women to fully experience life by truly neutering relationships with self, body, food & others.”

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