The Mission


Hey! I am Nicole Power, the Founder of Npowerment.


Npowerment grew from the passion & desire I have to help women all over the world achieve real results without sacrifice. As someone who faced many challenges internally & externally on my journey to become the healthiest version of me, I provide the expertise of experience & a high level of support.



What we do goes beyond workouts & nutrition. It is education, mindset growth, accountability, support, encouragement, environment & ultimately, finding what works for you on your journey.



We provide all the tools for guaranteed results & long term success by ensuring every client has an amazing 1:2:1 experience.

What is Online Coaching?


Online Coaching gives you access to…





You will have tailored workouts created by your coach, with videos & form checks for every single exercise.





Your goals, progress & journey from start to finish, all stored in one place.





You will be provided with nutrition goals and evidence based knowledge to support you.
We will explore your habits, beliefs & environment. All key for real change & real results.




We use measurements, progress photos, graphs, goal setting & check in points to keep you fired up! We celebrate ALL your wins & non-scale victories.





As part of our team, you will be invited into a safe, honest and friendly community with like-minded individuals for extra support & an environment to thrive in.
We know, you become who you surround yourself with.
Everything you need and more to get the results you desire!
Are you ready to start your journey?

What’s included?


Once you start with Npowerment, your journey will be clearly mapped out in ‘phases’ to ensure you get clarity and amazing, life changing results.. You will be invited for a discovery call where we will get to know each other and discuss your goals in depth. Exciting times ahead!



Is it for you?


Are you fed up and tired of not getting the results you want? Are you stuck in a yo-yo cycle with your diet and mindset? Have you hit a plateau with your results? We’ve got you. We help tons of women shape & create the perfect training and nutrition combination for their lifestyle. There is no “one fits all” plan, and that’s why 1-2-1 support and guidance is incomparable.

Real Women, Real Results!
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