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The Mission


Hey, I am Nicole. The Founder and Head Coach here at Npowerment. The strength and confidence I have gained physically and mentally since choosing to invest in me, my physical fitness, health and mindset is immeasurable. Today, I want to empower women as many women as possible who are also looking  feel their absolute best!

We have an incredible team of coaches in Npowerment, who go beyond workouts & nutrition. All Coaches have a huge focus and passion to provide the best education, accountability, support & encouragement. Alongside, creating a positive environment for growth.

We provide all the tools for guaranteed results & long term success by ensuring every client has an amazing 1:2:1 experience.

What is Online Coaching?


Online Coaching gives you access to…





You will have tailored workouts created by your Coach, with correct form videos for every single exercise.





Dream BIG. Together, we will map out your goals, monitor your progress & follow your journey from start to finish.





The three most important fundamentals for success.
We have a built in meal planner to ensure you can eat all the foods you love, while reaching your goals and living your best life.
We will also enhance your habits, beliefs & environment. All key for the ultimate lifestyle transformation!




We use measurements, progress photos, graphs, goal setting & check in points to keep you fired up!
We celebrate ALL your wins!




As part of our team, you will be invited into a fun, safe, honest, empowering hype girl community!
We know, you become who you surround yourself with.
Everything you could need and more.
Are you ready to start your journey today?

What’s included?


Here at Npowerment, we know what it takes to ensure you feel empowered, supported and motivated throughout your journey. We are here to get you amazing, life changing results.

First step is we will invite you for a Discovery Call, where we can understand more about you and your goals.

We will work on your training, nutrition, support, environment, fitness and physique goals.


Is it for you?


We empower women who want to feel their best, while living their best life!

We work with women who want to feel strong and confident, while enjoying their food, social life, training and downtime.

Real Women Real Results.
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